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The founder Ivan is a dreamer from Puglia Italy. Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, with a thesis on ‘Behavioral Finance’. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Economic Sciences – Business and Corporate Professions. Author of 3 trading books, plus 2 bundles.

@DonyTrader was born in 2021 on the international and multi-regulated investment platform eToro. The initial reason was the management of the personal savings of its founder, Ivan Donatiello. The initial reason remains, but in 2022, the @DonyTrader profile became a Popular Investor and, therefore, an investable asset thanks to the technological and regulatory coverage provided by the eToro broker.

In 2023, the more linear skills of Quant Investing are put into action for the benefit of @DonyTrader, thus becoming a managed account following the principles of quantitative investments. The goal is to achieve as low a risk as possible when compared to performance.

Radical open-mindedness. No one knows what the market will do, and no one can be certain about the developments in the world, both in terms of society and the Earth as a planet. For this reason, transparency of ideas and radical open-mindedness serve as drivers for the choices and weightings that prioritize risk. Ten-year goal: become a Popular Investor Elite Pro.

About the founder:

Ivan Donatiello

  • Private trader since 2013
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, with a thesis in Behavioral Finance. At a university in Rome.
  • Master’s degree in Economics, with a specialization in Management and Business Professions (studies in progress).
  • eToro Popular Investor since 2022 with skin in the game.
  • Author of five books on trading and investing in financial markets, available on the Amazon store.

Efficiency research

Most of the results, as well as the problems to solve, depend on a minority of causes or efforts. The principle of the Italian Vilfredo Pareto is often expressed as ‘20% of efforts produce 80% of results.’ Here, we aim to apply this principle with a 5% to 95% ratio.

Deeply Committed

There are no free meals because success and the achievement of our goals require constant and dedicated effort. This commitment is necessary to face challenges, overcome obstacles, and acquire skills and knowledge. The process of personal and professional growth involves investing time, energy, and resources.

Highly Skilled

University studies, continuous updates through courses and training events, and ongoing experience are the key to seeking a competitive advantage. Today, the world is moving at a pace never seen before in the past. We believe that having the arrogance to stop and not stay updated is the best way to cease to exist in financial markets.